Get Peace of Mind on your Debt MF portfolio with HawkEye

Receive monthly as well as trigger-based alerts on your funds – stay ahead of the crowd to exit risky funds in time

Why HawkEye?

HawkEye is designed to track your debt mutual funds for you – to keep you fully up to date at all times.

Trigger-based alerts

Get email alerts as and when the risk in your debt fund goes up – be it increased credit risk of companies in the portfolio of that fund or a big fall in AUM or NAV.

Fund Analysis

In-depth analysis for each debt fund from FundSage – ASQI’s debt MF assessment platform.

Monthly Actionables

A summary of the state of your debt MF portfolio – delivered to your inbox every month, along with actionable insights.


Check The Features

Daily Risk, NAV, AUM Alerts

Fund reports

Monthly summary and actionables

Portfolio risk analysis

Trigger-based Alerts on Funds in Your Portfolio

Everyday, we track your funds for signs of risk. If we find something worrisome, we send you an alert on the same day – giving you enough time to exit a risky fund before a major negative event.

  • Risk increase alert
  • Major redemption alert
  • NAV drop alert

Fund Analyis Report

In-depth reports for each fund, powered by FundSage and CredCast.

Our one-page fund reports include analysis of credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk. We also provide recommendations such as ‘Exit Immediately’, ‘Hold, can buy more’ etc.

  • Recommendations on your funds
  • Detailed risk analysis across credit, interest rate and liquidity risks
  • Interactive graphs of NAV and AUM history

Monthly status and actionable email

In addition to trigger-based alerts, we send you a monthly summary of all your funds – including current recommendation for each.

  • One-line summary of actions to be taken (exit/hold/buy etc)
  • Status of each fund (safe/risky/getting risky etc)
  • Portfolio level analysis of holdings of funds (risky companies, NAV at risk)


Check our Pricing


79 / month per fund

  • Daily alerts
  • Monthly status updates
  • Fund analysis report
  • Change fund when required


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